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Commitment to Students and Student Learning

Members of the Ontario College of Teachers are encouraged to dedicate a high level of care and commitment to students. They treat students equitably and with respect and are sensitive to factors that influence individual student learning. Members facilitate the development of students as contributing citizens of Canadian society.

As a history teacher I have the great opportunity to show how racism, sexism, and many forms of discrimination has occurred in the past and still does occur in the present. In teaching such valuable lessons to our students, I also get to touch on my philosophy of being a strong leader and I get to show why such acts of discrimination is wrong and unethical. I get to show my level of integrity and where I stand on such issues. I have an opportunity to talk about a delicate issue and hopefully bring about some insight to my students.

Ultimately, I will practice what I teach. I will show what an equitable society looks like. By using such historical lessons and using the Tribes Program, I am able to create a healthy, equitable and positive teaching environment.



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